per workspace, per month

A workspace is a private server that will store your web projects. Each workspace can store upto 5 ongoing projects.
Let Bella handle your client analysis, create sitemaps and write content or do it yourself.
Let Leo convert content to beautifully crafted wireframes and interactive prototypes or create from scratch.
Let Pablo convert your designs into a fully functioning WordPress website with one click.
Manage your tracking, analytics, GDPR, SEO and performance all from one place without needing a developer.

15 day free trial.

See how AREOI will transform your website creation by trying our platform without limits free for 15 days.

Create your account
Step one is to create an account, this will give you access to the platform.
Setup your workspace
Add your payment details to verify you’re a human and setup your workspace. This will start your free trial. A workspace is a private server that will store your web projects.
Create your first site
Create your first web project and follow the simple workflow to gain a better understanding of AREOI’s capabilities.
Book an onboarding session Optional
Once you’ve been through the site creation workflow you may have questions. Book in a personalised onboarding session with our customer success team and they’ll be able to answer any questions and give you pointers to get the most out of the platform.
Invite your team and enjoy
When you’re ready, invite the rest of your team at no extra cost and enjoy using the platform.

Frequently asked questions.

Got another question? Contact our team at [email protected].

AREOI makes it easy to edit your stylesheets, functions.php and add custom blocks all from within the platform. So, you can build without limits.

At the moment ecommerce functionality is not included as part of the platform. However, it is easy to install plugins such as WooCommerce directly through the platform.

AREOI is an all-in-one website creation tool for your entire team to use. It’ll make your account managers, designers and developers lives easier.

We add new blocks every month and we are very much feedback driven. If you feel the platform is missing something, just request it. If you don’t want to wait around then you can also get priority feature requests with our support packages.

You can delete a workspace at any time which will cancel any related payments. Any sites that you previously built and launched will still continue to work even if you cancel your subscription.

Yes, we’re currently offering a free 15 day trial so that you can test the platform without limits. After 15 days your payment will be taken automatically. You can cancel at any time by deleting your workspace.