Design sites without the complexity.

Powerful drag and drop design editor integrated with AI and automation. Empowering you to craft beautiful, bespoke and responsive designs and interactive prototypes – with one click.

AI powered

Create wireframes for your entire site.

Leo analyses content and crafts bespoke wireframes for each of your pages, populated with your content. Choosing everything from layouts to colours ready for you to customise – with one click.

Design system

Create the perfect look and feel.

Quickly change everything from font sizes and button styles to layouts and colours in your global design system, to create a consistent look and feel across your site – with a live preview.


Design with drag & drop blocks.

Rapidly design pages by dragging and dropping fully customisable blocks to a page. With over 150 to choose from covering everything from accordions and tabs to carousels and forms you can design the pages you need – without limits.


Effortless interactive prototype creation.

No need to create complex prototypes. Leo automatically converts wireframes to prototypes complete with links and interactions, providing a true picture of the finished site – instantly.


Desktop designs to tablet and mobile.

No need to worry about designing for different devices. Leo makes desktop designs work seamlessly on tablet and mobile – automatically.

AI generated design

Leo will convert your content to beautifully designed pages with one click.

Design system

Change the entire look and feel of a site by making global changes in the design system.

Accessible design

Leo chooses font sizes and colour combos, keeping designs accessible and inclusive.

Transitions and effects

Animate text and media as users scroll and apply slick hover effects throughout.


Include custom branded parallax objects throughout a site with one click.

Headers and footers

Manage designs for headers and footers, with custom styling and menus.


Design sections in tools like Photoshop and import them into your designs.


Design templates for search pages, blog posts and 404’s.


Save block combinations for quicker designs and synchronise changes across pages.

Responsive design

Leo automatically converts your desktop designs to tablet and mobile.

Automatic prototypes

Leo automatically converts wireframes to prototypes including links and interactions.

Design with blocks

Select blocks from our ever growing library of over 150 blocks and section designs.

Build sites without writing code.

Revolutionary build tools powered by Pablo, your new AI web developer. Allowing you to convert designs into a fully functioning, pixel perfect WordPress website – in 10 seconds.