Launch sites without the headaches.

Simple step-by-step launch process covering everything from SEO and GDPR to analytics and website performance. Download and host your sites anywhere – no lock in.


Manage search optimisation.

Bella, your AI account manager, analyses your content and automatically generates optimised titles and descriptions that adhere to Google’s guidelines for every page – with one click.


Make sure sites are compliant.

Block cookies until users give consent, allow users to manage their cookie preferences and include an auto generated cookie policy – as standard.


Score 90+ on core web vitals.

Advanced performance included on every site, from lazy loading and minification to caching and critical CSS. Wow clients by achieving 90+ scores across Google’s Core Web Vitals – with zero development.


Download and host sites anywhere.

Download your website with one click and host it anywhere. Generated code is open source and yours to do with as you please. Cancel your subscription anytime knowing sites will continue to function – no vendor lock-in.

AI generated SEO

Bella analyses content and writes optimised titles and descriptions for all pages.

SEO in one place

No need to edit individual pages, manage all titles and descriptions in one place.

Automatic redirects

Redirect users to the most relevant pages with automatic 301’s on 404 pages.

Cookie consent

Block all tracking and analytics cookies until users provide required consent.

Cookie preferences

Allow users to manage which cookies they are happy to include as they browse.

Cookie policy

Auto generated cookie policy that updates based on tracking and analytics integrations.

Media optimisation

Convert uploaded images to WebP and apply lazy loading to images and videos.

Automatic caching

No need to manually run a cache, pages are automatically cached when updated.


Automatically minify CSS and JS files along with HTML and content.

Agencyclient collaboration.

Robust tools to enhance collaboration between your team and clients. Allowing efficient communication, continuous feedback and improved client engagement – from start to finish.